Working at TRG

At TRG, we empower others to do their best work.

It is our systems of employee ownership, employee governance, and a strong workplace culture allow us to do our best work. Because a majority of our staff are shareholders in TRG, we are personally committed to supporting our clients’ goals with excellence and care. No employee is just a number here — participation, collaboration, and transparency at every level of corporate governance are pivotal to who we are.

Meet the Team

Since its founding in 1973, TRG has grown steadily in size and in our professional capabilities. As a result of the working environment we have created, the vast majority of the consultants who have joined TRG in its thirty year history are working at TRG today.

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Our Work

TRG is a versatile firm with proven ability to work domestically and internationally and in both the public and private sectors. The goal of our work is to support our clients' efforts to improve performance and achieve business results.

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